whole home audio and video service in Westchester, NY

Today, home technology systems have as much to do with living as with the    technologies they employ.  

Designed with vision, executed with craftsmanship, a fully-integrated home technology system offers an unparalleled auditory, visual, tactile and cognitive experience. The kind of experience you get with Digital Home Systems.

For well over a decade, Digital Home Systems has provided high-profile clients, architects, builders and interior designers with a portfolio of products and services we call, “Technology for Designed Environments.” Combining best-in-class technology with flawless performance and understated elegance, our customized, digital home systems integrate home theatre, distributed audio, security, data, communications, control and technical furniture seamlessly and transparently into a home’s design.

Watch a film, then quietly dispatch the screen into the ceiling. Dim the lights, lower the shades, light the fire and turn on the music. Digital Home Systems makes it all possible at the touch of a button. With superior technological planning and an eye for detail in every aspect of our work, we bring vision to reality--respecting home and homeowner--for a lifetime of enjoyment.