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Enhance Your Home’s Security with These Smart Security Solutions


A Smart Home Security System Can Do More Than You Realize 

A smart home security system gives you the ability to access devices like lights, door locks, cameras, alarm systems, and more remotely, giving you absolute control over your home. Plus, with the right solutions in place, you can also receive alerts for incidents like fire and water leaks, as well as for abrupt temperature changes! Keep reading to learn about a few key ways you can improve your home’s security that you may not have thought about before. 

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Enhance Your House with Home Automation


A Home Automation Company Combines Luxury and Convenience to Bring You the Best in Entertainment and Control

Home automation is more than a collection of technologies; it is an integrated ecosystem that brings the luxury and convenience of complete control.  Connecting entertainment, environmental management, and security to bring you peace of mind.

Whether you revel in whole-home audio, the home theater experience, ensuring every aspect of family and property are protected, or lighting the can improve wellness, a home automation company has a lot to offer.

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Lighting That Suits You


Human-Centric Lighting Brings Ambiance, Focus, and Well-being to Your Smart Home.

Lighting is about more than illumination your way, touching every aspect of our lives.  We are evolutionarily tied to the sun’s cycles through the day and the seasons, its rhythms regulating our sleep and well being.  

A well-designed lighting installation gives you the power to set the mood, shape the look of a room, and bring ambiance inside and out. Whether helping set the pace of the day or bringing proper light to workspaces like your kitchen, a smart system makes your life efficient and effervescent.

Curious how lighting can transform your home? Read on below

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Peace of Mind Begins with a Smart Security System


Discover Why You Need These 3 Technologies With Your Home Security Installation

Gone are the days when you could leave the doors unlocked for neighbors and friends to stop by to borrow a cup of sugar. That may have worked decades ago, but in today’s society, you would be leaving your doors open for intruders and thieves.

You can still have a happy home with plenty of time for entertaining friends – but with a smart security system. It is the smartest way to protect your home and family while giving you the freedom to come and go as you please.

Digital Home Systems is a reputable smart home integrator, proudly serving clients in Pound Ridge, NY, and the surrounding areas. We also specialize in home security installations that include 24-hour smart surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and automatic locks. Keep reading to learn about the three primary technologies you need to have a secure home.

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